Plan Your Trip

Useful Tips

The fun of a trip starts before you even set off on the adventure; it starts when we start planning where to go, how to get there; what are we going to see and where are we going to stay.

How to arrive and depart

São Jorge Island has a domestic airport and has regular connections by plane, with air being the main means of arrival.

Get around the island

For land travel, there is the option of using public transport, taxi service, car rental or transport provided by some tourist entertainment companies, travel agencies, or tourist enterprises.


When you come to the end of a day filled with emotions and it’s time to sleep, São Jorge offers a vast number of types of accommodation to rest.


If food is one of your reasons to travel, you’re in the right place!

Acessible São Jorge

Accessible tourism has been asserting itself as a priority in the world and São Jorge is no exception.

Pacotes de viagens

Explore a seleção de pacotes de viagens dos nossos parceiros que incluem alguns dos seguintes serviços: transporte, acomodação, refeições, visitas guiadas e muito mais.