Craftsmanship, better than any other testimony, embodies the richness of a heritage, vast and full of interest, where the peculiar way of being of the people is projected: the inventive genius, the innate manual skill, a refined aesthetic sense, the natural assumption of the surrounding geographical environment and the strong and personal character.

The island’s feminine hands embroider linen with traditional motifs and make delicate lace. Loom-made quilts, whose tradition dates back to antiquity, when household clothing depended on wool and linen.

Basketry, pottery, the manufacture of everyday objects made from local cedar wood, and even the guitars that are heard on feast days, are the responsibility of the men of the island.

Even today the old looms are used to make colorful wool quilts, used throughout the island to cover beds and decorate windows on festive occasions.

In addition to the local handicrafts that you can purchase as a souvenir of your visit to the island, there is also the most varied type of commerce that will serve your needs during your stay.

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