Food and Wine

The best known product from the island is unquestionably, the São Jorge cheese. Of Protected Origin Denomination, this aged cheese is made of heavy or half-heavy milk paste, has a clean flavor, slightly hot and a strong aroma. It’s an internationally known product, with very specific qualities that absolutely distinguish it from other Portuguese cheeses, and that has entirely kept its traditional manufacturing way. 

The Santo Cristo Caldera clams are also a very appreciated and searched for delicacy, although its gathering is restricted and the dish can only be enjoyed in a few restaurants. 

A strong flavored and aromatic coffee is grown at the Fajã of Vimes, from beans planted on site. 

The cinnamon brandy is the most typical drink, while the ‘rosquilhas’ and the ‘coalhada’ cookies are the most traditional dishes. Also very typical to the island are the ‘espécies’, a sweet in the shape of a horseshoe.

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